Kamuto~urū Kudasai Yume! Purikyua ga Umarete Iru!
Let's Mirage! Pretty Cure episode 01
Cure Blossom Mirage
"Dreams That Do Come True! A Pretty Cure is Born!"
Air date February 9, 2014
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Opening Blooming Girls! Let's Mirage! Pretty Cure
Ending The Brand New Me
Directed by Cure Believe
Written by Cure Believe

Dreams That Do Come True! A Pretty Cure is Born! (カムトゥルーください夢!プリキュアが生まれている! Kamuto~urū Kudasai Yume! Purikyua ga Umarete Iru!?) is the first episode of the fan series Let's Mirage! Pretty Cure. In this episode, Cherry meets Hana and becomes a Pretty Cure named Cure Blossom Mirage.


When 14-year-old Cherry meets a mascot named Hana, she learns she is destined to become a Pretty Cure and save the world from evil!


Major EventsEdit

  • Let's Mirage! Pretty Cure officially starts, replacing Doki Doki! Pretty Cure.
  • The destruction of the Mirage Kingdom is shown.
  • Cherry meets a mascot named Hana.
  • The first Kurokokoro is summoned.
  • Cherry transforms into Cure Blossom Mirage for the first time.
  • Blossom Wind is first performed.


  • This is the only episode of the four Cure introduction episodes that doesn't have the new Cure's name in the title.



In the Mirage Kingdom, an explosion occurs while citizens are evacuating. Then, Queen Mirage orders the princess, Cure Moonlight Mirage, to attack the villain, Taika. The two battle against each other, but Cure Moonlight Mirage is overpowered, so she sends three mascots to Earth before evacuating with Kira.

Suddenly, Hanasaki Cherry sits up in bed, stating how weird of a dream that was. Her mom calls her downstairs to eat breakfast before heading to school, but she was trying to get dressed and ended up missing the bus. She asked if her mom could drive her to school because she was going to be late, and her mom agreed, but she said after breakfast is finished. In the car, Cherry explains how odd of a dream she had the night before, but her mom says to forget about it before heading off to school.

At school, Cherry finds out she's only a few minutes late, much to her relief. Then, she decides to talk to some of her friends about her dream, but none of them understand what she's saying, and ignore her. Depressed, she talks to her best friend, Daisy, but she also does not understand what Cherry is saying. Even more depressed, Cherry stays that way for the rest of the day.

Walking home after the day ends, something falls from the sky onto Cherry's face, both of them screaming. The thing explains it is from the Mirage Kingdom, by the name of Hana. Cherry recalls a kingdom in her dreams and things that resembled Hana being sent to find Pretty Cure, and Hana says that actually happened. She also explains not only does the villain, Taika, want to destroy the Mirage Kingdom, but also Earth, and will take people's black Mirage Souls and turn them into Kurokokoros.

Meanwhile, Daisy is talking to her friends about what to shop for, but they plainly ignore her because they want to shop for something else. She decides not to go with them, but becomes excited for the things she can buy, but then Taika appears, looking at Daisy's Mirage Soul, which has turned black. She takes it out, and turns it into a Kurokokoro.

Cherry and Hana watch the horrible event, and Hana explains that black creature is what a Kurokokoro is. Panicking, Cherry runs away from the monster with Hana following, explaining she is a Pretty Cure. The two find a place to hide before Hana turns into a Mirage Module, explaining Cherry needs to yell "Pretty Cure! Let's Mirage!" to transform. Cherry decides she has no choice, and transforms into Cure Blossom Mirage.

The Kurokokoro hears someone, and finds the location Cure Blossom Mirage and Hana were at. Panicking even more, Cure Blossom Mirage runs off, but realizes she is faster than in human form. Hana tells her that a Pretty Cure has abilities that a normal human wouldn't. Then, she remembers the Pretty Cure purification attack that Cure Blossom Mirage performs, called Blossom Wind. Before explaining how it works, the Kurokokoro tries to attack, but the two get out of the way.

Now in another spot, Hana explains to Cure Blossom Mirage about how to use her purification attack. Afterwards, the Kurokokoro spots them, but Cure Blossom Mirage has already summoned her Mirage Baton and says the incantation, purifying the Kurokokoro and returning Daisy's Mirage Soul. Furious, Taika disappears after promising she'll be back.

Daisy wakes up, saying she had a weird dream, but she sees the Pretty Cure that saved her and realizes it was not a dream. Cure Blossom Mirage panics again, then hides to detransform back to Cherry. Cherry walks up to Daisy and asks if she's okay, and she states a Pretty Cure saved her and also says she won't go shopping as often because it isn't very important. Cherry decides to help Daisy get home safely before asking Hana more about Pretty Cure.

  • [Citizens are evacuating the Mirage Kingdom after an explosion occurs. The scene cuts to Queen Mirage, about to order the princess to attack the target.]
  • Queen Mirage: Princess!
  • Cure Moonlight Mirage: [runs to Queen Mirage's location] I think I know what you mean. You want me to---
  • Queen Mirage: Sorry to interrupt, but I give orders. You have to attack the target that's attacking the kingdom.
  • Cure Moonlight Mirage: I will do so. Don't worry! [begins to run to the location of target] I'll have everything under control in no time!
  • [She then sees the target, Taika, causing another explosion.]
  • Cure Moonlight Mirage: [whispers] Taika...
  • Taika: [turns around to see the princess, ready for attacking] Oh, great. The princess.
  • Kira: [flies over to Cure Moonlight Mirage] Do your best, princess-kira.
  • Cure Moonlight Mirage: Thanks, Kira.
  • [Taika and Cure Moonlight Mirage start up a battle. Before the princess can do anything, Taika sends an attack to her. She is then attacked, and has fallen down, defeated.]
  • Taika: You really are weak, aren't you? I'll see you later. I have to destroy your kingdom. [departs]
  • Kira: Princess! [flies over to her] Are you okay-kira?
  • Cure Moonlight Mirage: [slowly gets up] I think...we'll have to...evacuate to Earth...
  • Kira: I'm right there with you-kira.
  • Cure Moonlight Mirage: But before we do that... Hana! Miracle! Bright! It's your job to find the remaining Pretty Cure. They're our only other hope.
  • [Three mascots then evacuate, before the others follow behind]
  • Cure Moonlight Mirage: Please, Pretty Cure. You're the only hope to stop evil...
  • [Opening initiates. Then, a subtitle appears.]
  • [narrated by Cherry] Dreams That Do Come True! A Pretty Cure is Born!
  • [Screen is black, then fades in to reveal an alarm clock that says 6:59 AM. It then changes to 7:00 AM and goes off. The scene cuts over to a girl laying in bed, pulling the covers over her. She then sits up as if awakening from a dream.]
  • Cherry: Can't I just wait a few more minutes? Can't I just have time to get over that weird dream from last night?
  • Kiseki: Cherry! I've been waiting for you to get dressed and come down for breakfast!
  • Cherry: Do I have to?
  • Kiseki: You'll be late if you don't!
  • Cherry: What time is it anyway? [looks over at the alarm clock, which now says 7:10 AM] Eh?! The bus is coming in 5 minutes! [hurries to get her school clothes, then rushes to put them on. She rushes to fix her hair and put it in a ponytail, then rushes downstairs, out of breath]
  • Kiseki: Why, there you are! Your bus just left a few minutes ago.
  • Cherry: My bus what?! I just woke up late and got to a bad start! Can't you drive me to school?
  • Kiseki: Once you eat your breakfast, I could. You just eat first, then I'll finish the last of dishes and drive you to school.
  • Cherry: You don't have time to finish dishes!
  • [Scene cuts to Kiseki, then to a car. It is revealed Kiseki is now driving Cherry to school]
  • Cherry: You know, I had a very strange dream last night, where there was a princess of some kingdom failing to defeat some villain. Can you believe that?
  • Kiseki: Sweetie, you have to understand that isn't real. It's only in your head and it's best you forget about it. [she stops the car, in front of the school] Well, here we are. Have a great day, Cherry!
  • [Scene cuts to inside the school, then we see Cherry walking to her class]
  • Cherry: Well...remember, forget about the dream, and go to class. [walks into classroom]
  • [There are about 20 other students, sitting at their desks chatting and drawing. Cherry then takes her seat]
  • Cherry: [looks at a blue-haired girl next to her] What's going on?
  • [The other girl faces her]
  • Cherry: Daisy, are you going to answer me?
  • Daisy: Oh, sorry! You're only a few minutes late, and it's what is called "study time", remember that? Most of the time we just chat or draw, but back to my discussion with my friends! [faces other students]
  • Cherry: Oh...I guess I could talk to Yukai and Chie about that dream. [faces two brown-haired girls in front of and next to Cherry] Yukai, Chie, could I tell you something?
  • Yukai: Cherry! Is there something wrong?
  • Chie: Remember, we're always here if you need anything.
  • Cherry: Would you believe me if I said that someone's kingdom was destroyed by someone else?
  • Yukai and Chie: [look at each other] What?
  • Chie: Listen, Cherry. That was probably a dream. If you want to tell anyone about it, go ask Shikai.
  • Cherry: Sure thing! [gets up from her seat and walks over to a black-haired boy. Then she taps on his shoulder.] Shikai! Shikai!
  • Shikai: What's happening, Cherry?
  • Cherry: I want to tell you someone's kingdom was destroyed by another person!
  • Shikai: And where was it?
  • Cherry: I don't know!
  • Shikai: I can't really believe you if you don't know the kingdom. Why don't you go talk to Daisy?
  • Cherry: (thinking) Of course! Daisy's my best friend! She'll always understand!
  • [Scene cuts over to Daisy, scribbling on a piece of paper]
  • Daisy: This, this, this...
  • Cherry: Daisy!
  • Daisy: Woah, Cherry, what?
  • Cherry: Someone's kingdom was destroyed!
  • Daisy: Whose kingdom?
  • Cherry: I don't even know that!
  • Daisy: Cherry...were you dreaming silly images?
  • Cherry: But I thought you did that a lot.
  • Daisy: I do, I do! Actually, not as often...
  • Cherry: So do you understand?
  • Daisy: ...Nope.
  • Cherry: (sighs, then sits down at her desk with an upset face)
  • [Scene cuts to Cherry, still upset, walking home]
  • Cherry: And I'm usually enthusiastic about soccer practice... Why won't anyone---
  • [Something falls from the sky onto Cherry's face]
  • Cherry: (screams)
  • ???: (screams)
  • Cherry: What the heck are you?!
  • ???: Oh, I'm very sorry about that-hana! I'm a mascot named Hana! I come from the Mirage Kingdom because of its destruction-hana.
  • Cherry: Mirage...Kingdom? I remember there was a kingdom in my dream last night that was destroyed. Three mascots, one that looked like you, were sent to find Pretty Cure...
  • Hana: That's because that was true-hana! The vision was sent to you as a sign of what you must protect-hana!
  • Cherry: So it was real...
  • Hana: And a lady of evil forces, Taika, is also plotting to destroy the Earth by taking the black Mirage Souls of people and turn them into Kurokokoros-hana! Only the Pretty Cure are protected-hana!
  • Cherry: Taika? Destroy Earth? Mirage Souls? Kurokokoro? What's going on?!
  • Hana: I'll help you out-hana.
  • [Scene cuts to Daisy, Yukai, and Chie, ready to go shopping]
  • Daisy: All right! I'm going to buy a lot of candy! That food is delicious!
  • [Yukai and Chie look at each other]
  • Chie: Actually, we're shopping for clothes.
  • Yukai: Maybe another time, Daisy.
  • [The two desert Daisy to do their shopping together]
  • Daisy: But I can still buy candy! Lots and lots of sweet, sweet candy!
  • ???: I'm afraid not, young lady.
  • Daisy: [looks around] Wh-Who are you? Where are you?!
  • ???: I'm right in front of you.
  • [Daisy returns to position to see a silver-haired woman standing in front]
  • Daisy: Eh?!
  • ???: Nice to meet you. Call me Taika.
  • Daisy: Taika? That's all you've got?
  • [Taika glances at Daisy, and it shows she has a black Mirage Soul]
  • Taika: I have a little something for you.
  • Daisy: Like what?
  • Taika: Mirage Soul, come out!
  • [Daisy screams, then falls to the ground. Taika is holding a black Mirage Soul in her hand]
  • Taika: That was too easy. Darkness arise! Kurokokoro, I summon you! [tosses Mirage Soul at a bench and it turns into a monster]
  • [Cherry and Hana peek from a bush]
  • Cherry: Daisy!
  • Hana: That bench is a Kurokokoro-hana!
  • Cherry: That's all?
  • Hana: No! I mean, those black monsters, like that bench, are the Kurokokoros I mentioned-hana!
  • Cherry: Excuse me, but I'm going to run now. [gets up, then runs off]
  • Hana: I'm coming with you-hana!
  • [Scene cuts to Cherry running away from the monster, with Hana behind]
  • Cherry: What do I do?!
  • Hana: Don't worry, because you're a Pretty Cure-hana!
  • Cherry: I am?!
  • [The two hide behind a building]
  • Hana: [Transforms into a module-like item] Don't ask about this, just yell "Pretty Cure! Let's Mirage!" and you'll transform into a Pretty Cure-hana!
  • Cherry: You're making my nervous! I have to become a hero?
  • Hana: Just do it-hana!
  • Cherry: [nods] Pretty Cure! Let's Mirage!
  • [Scene cuts to Cherry's Pretty Cure transformation sequence]
  • ???: The scarlet flower of Earth, Cure Blossom Mirage!
  • Hana: Yes! You transformed-hana!
  • [The Kurokokoro finds the two]
  • Hana: And the Kurokokoro has found us-hana!
  • Cure Blossom Mirage: Again? I have to run again?
  • Hana: Yes. [Sweatdrop drops from her face]
  • Cure Blossom Mirage: So you mean it can see?
  • Hana: Yes!
  • Cure Blossom Mirage: Okay. [Runs and screams at the same time]
  • Hana: She had to do that-hana? Wait up! Wait up!
  • [The two begin to run from the Kurokokoro]
  • Cure Blossom Mirage: I just noticed something! I'm faster right now than when I am in civilian!
  • Hana: Pretty Cure has those special abilities-hana! Remember, they're superheroes-hana!
  • Cure Blossom Mirage: Oh, right.
  • Hana: (thinking) I forgot! She can perform Blossom Wind when she summons her item-hana!
  • [The Kurokokoro tries to attack, but the two dodge. They then find another location to hide]
  • Hana: I want to mention something-hana! If you summon your item, you can purify the Kurokokoro and return the girl's Mirage Soul-hana!
  • Cure Blossom Mirage: Her name is Daisy...
  • Hana: Well just shout "Mirage Baton! Come forth!" and you'll know the rest-hana!
  • [The Kurokokoro is running to the duo's spot]
  • Hana: Now!
  • Cure Blossom Mirage: [nods] Mirage Baton! Come forth!
  • [A baton-like item appears, and Cure Blossom Mirage takes hold of it]
  • Hana: And right before the Kurokokoro found us-hana!
  • Cure Blossom Mirage: Attack set! Pretty Cure...Blossom Wind!
  • [While saying the incantation, Cure Blossom Mirage draws a quick, invisible flower with her baton, then pushes it to the Kurokokoro, purifying it]
  • Hana: You did it-hana! You did it-hana!
  • Taika: You! You ruined my perfect day! I'll be back, just wait!
  • [The Mirage Soul returns to Daisy, and she wakes up]
  • Daisy: What...happened? That was quite a weird dream I had... [notices someone standing in the distance] Are you the Pretty Cure from the dream I just had?
  • Cure Blossom Mirage: She's suspicious of me! What do I do now?!
  • Hana: Just go find somewhere where Daisy won't see you detransform-hana!
  • [The two hide, then Cherry emerges from the spot. She then kneels down to Daisy's level]
  • Cherry: Daisy? Are you okay?
  • Daisy: Some kind of Pretty Cure hero saved me in my dream! That little scene taught me not to feel that shopping is super important!
  • Cherry: Thank goodness! Now, let's get you home.
  • [The two are walking home together, then Daisy sees her father]
  • Daisy: Thanks for helping me get home, Cherry!
  • Cherry: See you tomorrow!
  • [Hana flies over to Cherry]
  • Hana: Good job today-hana!
  • Cherry: I guess I should get used to it, right?
  • Hana: You've got a while to save the world-hana.
  • Cherry: Well let's go to my home and learn more about Pretty Cure!
  • [The two make their way to Cherry's house, and the screen fades to black. The ending plays and the episode ends]