The Brand New Me (ブランニューミー Buran'nyūmī) is the first ending to the fan series Let's Mirage! Pretty Cure. It is later replaced by Yume Believe in Dreams for LMPC25 and onward.

TV AppearanceEdit

As the music begins, the scene focuses on Cherry and Daisy taking a picture in front of the school. Once it is taken, the two mascots high five each other and the dance sequence begins.

The girls dance in front of each other, mirroring the movements. Focus is first on Cherry, then on Daisy, then on the mascots watching them, ready to cue them for transformation. Cherry makes an invisible flower with her hands, then transforms into Cure Blossom Mirage.

The girls, now as Cures, are dancing on a colorful platform with their mascots. The school is cheering them on with Miracle Lights before the Cures pose and the ending is finished.


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  • This ending is very similar to Heartcatch Pretty Cure!'s 1st ending:
    • There are only two Cures dancing in it.
    • The lead Cure makes an invisible object (Tsubomi makes a heart and Cherry makes a flower) before they transform.
    • The two Cures dance on a platform in the chorus part.